Monday, October 20, 2008

Lack of Sunspot Denotes Cooling

The absence of sunspot and solar flare are the characteristics of a silent sun. This is the solar cycle where the sun’s irradiance is in its minimum stage. And whenever the sun is in silent or blankest period, it cannot be prevented to come to mind the reminiscence of freezing Earth.

Sunspot is the dark patches on the surface of the sun. It appears every eleven years and reaches its peak appearance during the “solar maximum” period. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) put into space a mission satellite called “solar max” whose main objective is to investigate the violent solar eruption on the sun’s surface. In one of its spectacular observation –during the solar maximum year of August 1979 to February 1981- solar flares and sunspot collided and exploded as often as every one or two hours and lasted for days until it slowly disappeared. The violent collision of solar flares and sunspots, which carry particles of enormous energy, caused the changes in the atmosphere that sent disruption of radio signal, telephone lines, and burnt power systems. The massive energy, as NASA estimated, was equal to 10 trillion megatons bomb as a result of the collision of its magnetic forces. The solar heat energy reached the “temperature of more than 100 million degrees Fahrenheit.”

This gigantic energy which bombarded the earth every 11 year cycles are often downgraded by the alarmists and sponsors of man-made global warming. They contended that its heating effect are negligible as shown by their demeaned and faltering computer model that made the “hockey-stick” graph joke to suit their plan. They contested the power of the sun which steadily generates “800 trillion kilowatts” heat energy which are provided to our earth to sustain life.

It should be noted that the absence of sunspot and solar flare made the sun less active. As what have happened a few centuries ago, during the Maunder Minimum, the disappearance of sunspot and flare made the earth almost frozen in hibernation. This was what is termed as the “Little Ice Age.” And this happened in the 17th century what was also termed as the “Industrial Revolution” wherein human generated more carbon dioxide emission to support its machine aided global expansion, yet the Earth experienced frigidity. But still there is contention that even the Little Ice Age cannot counter the global warming concocted by IPCC through NASA-GISS of an increase of 2 to 12 deg. F by the year 2100. This means that what the Earth have had experienced during the Maunder Minimum will be dwarfed and countered by the planned global warming cheat of IPCC through their manipulated computer model. But the truth is that no one can claim to understand the ever changing climate of the earth without being challenged. And the only undisputable fact is that all heat energy originates from the sun.

Going back to sun patches and flare syndrome, only recently NASA announced that year 2008 is the silent and blankest sun in the current half century although they presumed that the sun entered solar cycle 24 due to appearance of sunspot sometime in January this year. But the delayed cycle 24 may result to an extended cooling period. Year 2008 is supposed to be on the gradual shift to the stage of active sun in solar cycle 24 and all predictions of solar flares and sunspots appearance seemed to fail –still no one can explain the delayed phenomenon. New Computer model –the Predictive Flux-Transport Dynamo model developed by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research- that predicted solar maximum or intense solar storm on the early part of 2008 cannot explain either.

The Sun always dictates the activities of our Earth. It provides the necessities for subsistence of living things. Humans are tiny creatures and cannot be presumed to warm our earth with our misdeeds as the sun does. Earth will not explode through abuses from internal means. It has the natural protection to parry internal threat. It will necessitate external force to change its course. Changes in energy output of the sun, even in a fraction of a per cent, will affect the tiny balance of life and death.