Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Global Warming is Now Cold!

Angela Merkel no longer wears her “halo” as Europe’s global warming angel. She got cold of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AWG) as its virus of economic crisis engulfed her country –once Europe’s economic powerhouse and the fortress of green environment politics.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is the head of Germany Parliamentary Government and the former environment minister who spearheaded and implemented Europe's IPCC-Kyoto policy. She is now doing a volte face in her belief in man-made global warming and instead focuses her attention on economic crisis and job generations. "With the recession tightening its grip on the German economy, [Chancellor Angela] Merkel is betting that job reassurance is more important to the average worker than being a pioneer in tackling climate change,” as has been reported in a German radio Deutsche Welle.

In view of the spent precious years on having too much attention on man-made global warming false alarm, the world is now on economic collapse and therefore exacerbating further the third world poverty.

It has been decades ago when UN-IPCC falsely prophesied that the earth will warm to a temperature of up to 5.8 – 6.4 degrees Centigrade but, as of this writings, the actual official temperature reports decelerated instead. More and more IPCC scientists are withdrawing their supports –about 650 leading scientists who scoff at doomsday reports of man-made global warming are to dissent the United Nations conference in Poznan, Poland, this December- on man-made carbon dioxide emission-caused warming and stating that the computer based model of global warming, particularly, the shameful “hockey stick graph” are full of inconsistencies, pre-planned results, doctored climate data, and manipulated temperature reports.

Quantity is the norm of the 2500 members of the IPCC working groups who prepared that the anthropogenic global warming reports but quality is for the 31,000 scientists who petitioned the government “not to jump on global warming bandwagon”. Majority of IPCC scientists refused to divulge their names for reasons of devious intent compared to 9000 scientists with doctorate degrees of the Oregon Petitioners posted in a web site who wanted to reveal the true color of AWG scam of IPCC.

Another group of science practitioners are now registering doubts from IPCC sponsored global warming. The association of 50,000 physicists and scientists at American Physical Society (APS) which composed the majority of IPCC scientists are now reconsidering option to review their support to AWG and are encouraging wide ranging debate on global warming. Their concerns are based on unbelievable and false data that were discovered in the partnership of Al Gore and the fabled Hansen. In particular, Lord Monckton of Brenchley stated that the climate sensitivity has been grossly overstated by IPCC modelling as was published in a paper through APS.

And the latest drawback on global warming legerdemain was a new US military report contradicting the scientific data that is causing global warming. Based on the 56-page report of the US Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., and the reported global warming worries, at , of the US military strategy which is providing a "basis for thinking about the world a quarter of a century from now,” this global warming hypothesis should be put aside and to stop worrying a non existing earth warming delusion.

Let there be more Angela Merkel and Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Republic President who, in his remarks, charged that “climate alarmism” environmentalists wanted "to stop the economic growth, the rise in the standard of living (though not their own) and the ability of man to use the expanding wealth, science and technology for solving the actual pressing problems of mankind, especially of the developing countries." Let there be more in the politics but not AlGore to condemn these self-proclaimed environmentalist and climate alarmist who are now justifying the extreme cold the world is experiencing as proof of global warming. Ah! These global warming idiots! So easy to be convinced of hearsay and hard to admit the glaring facts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proof of Co2 Not Global Warming Cause

No more global warming. It is the regular climate cycle that the earth is normally experiencing now. Alaska is freezing. Alaskan Glaciers grow for the first time in 250 years. The quiet sun has been registering: 2008 is the number three most spotless days. But carbon dioxide emission is continually increasing providing proofs that it cannot cause global warming.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Global Warming is Nothing But Money

The global warming business is now on the global money earning stage. Its proponents are now busy extending loan to Asian countries with projects related to climate change and global warming.

After the global warming instigators have taken possession of the United Nations through IPCC and scrambling throughout the world and scaring people of catastrophic effect of unmitigated carbon dioxide emission; they are frantically competing in refinancing high-interest project loans link to mitigation of CO2 and global warming scare. Billions of dollars and euros have been provided to countries with projects related to reforestation, water treatment, renewable energy, and anything which have something to do with clean energy under the red herring of green environment.

The European Investment Bank (EIB), which is the lending arm of the European Union, is one bank providing loans in Asian countries. EIB lends 50 mln euros to Philippines to address climate change. “This credit line will be open to "local enterprises, local cooperatives and local governments" that have projects that could slow down global warming and climate change,” according to EIB vice-president Carlos Da Silva Costa. They had already extended a 500 million euro facility to China for climate change mitigation and a similar facility is being prepared for Vietnam. With their frantic move to saturate not only Asian markets but the worldwide community, only few interested party will control the living standard of man. These are the few oligarchs –the New Threat to Democracy, using capitalism against capitalism to rule mankind. These are the radical activists –disguise as Green Environmentalists- who are now controlling the corporate world under the banners of "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) and "Socially Responsible Investing" (SRI) and extending their clout in the covert circle within the United Nations. However, there is one clear hope in the hands of Vaclav Klaus, Czech Republic President, who is scheduled to head the European Union come January, 2009. He is one vocal skeptic of global warming made by man. He likened the environmentalists to the communists that took over his country after World War II and accused them of climate alarmism who wanted “to stop the economic growth, the rise in the standard of living (though not their own) and the ability of man to use the expanding wealth, science and technology for solving the actual pressing problems of mankind, especially of the developing countries." Klaus will be a greate guiding way in a United Nations global warming conference in Poznan, Poland, by December this year, to be attended by the world’s environment ministers. He will be the influential representative, the non-believer of man-made global warming.

For why are we going to believe, BTW, to global warming scare and climate change? Climate change is an ordinary cycle of the earth’s climate. In the Philippines and other ASEAN countries, we have only two seasons. These are the “Wet Season” and the “Dry Season.” During the “Wet Season” , it is raining, flooding, and very cold climate. During the “Dry Season,” it is very hot as in the desert. And we have learned to survive and adapt with our harsh environment. We cannot also believe that carbon dioxide emission is a man-made hazard that causes global warming. We need carbon dioxide very much. It is the food of our green forest. Look at our trees along the sides of roads and highways which are flourishing and greening by the daily dose of unburned carbon emitted by passing cars and heavy transporters. And look at our trees and other plants hundred meters away from the roadsides, it is thin, pale, and yellowish. How will you make us hate and mitigate carbon dioxide which is the life sustaining elements of living things? In other words, this global warming is a highly offensive or very foolish for human to dissect and digest. In short, it is a deceit, a b-llsh---tt!

I wanted to add more from Icecap Reality Check of the bogus climate which runs as follows: “In actual fact, the change in CO2 is natural and due primarily to warming oceans. As Dr. Segalstad has said you could burn all the fossil fuels on the planet and the CO2 would not rise more than 20% more due to the fact the oceans are an infinite buffer. The enhanced CO2 has allowed for a greening of the middle latitude, more reliable precipitation (from the hydrological cycle) and more drought resistant plants and crops and the ability to feed more of the world’s population. In greenhouses, they pump in CO2 to 1000 ppm or higher to get more growth. Most all of the warming in the 1980s and 1990s was at night and in the winter in higher latitudes, which has been welcomed. Since 1998, temperatures stopped rising and since 2002 have been falling. It appears the only point of no return is Hansen objectivity.“

And more from
John Coleman, the Founder of the Weather Channel and eminent Meteorologist, who said: “Well, it is simply not happening. Worldwide there was a significant natural warming trend in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Solar cycle peaked with lots of sunspots and solar flares. That ended in 1998 and now the Sun has gone quiet with fewer and fewer Sun spots, and the global temperatures have gone into decline. Earth has cooled for almost ten straight years. So, I ask Al Gore, where’s the global warming?”

There is no global warming. It is all flawed, manipulated, and only means . . . money! Money!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The October 2008 Temperature NASA-GISS Is Doctoring

Why are the many chances that the NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) tampering of climate data being allowed to pass without even reprimanding those responsible officials? They should be made to explain why they are doing this when the world are always searching for truth. NASA-GISS is being funded by peoples’ tax and they should be made accountable. There must be congressional investigations on these irregularities to prevent people, like James Hansen, from distorting further climate record and corrupting the truth.

People are dependent on NASA-GISS for climate data and it is the source where researchers are referencing the information to arrive into a conclusive report. If data to be sourced from said space study center are full of anomalous manipulations, where can we now rely for true and uncorrupted records? If this is being done by only one man, why is he being retained in his post, why not let his head roll on his stupidity and insane thing. Why can’t we petition that Hansen be laid-off from NASA-GISS and be put inside the coal plant chimney where he helped Greenpeace activists to be freed from criminal charges in causing damages to the said Kingsnorth plant in Kent. There, he will realize the global warming concoction he has been profiting for so long a time. According to Meteorologist Art Horn from Icecap, Dr. James Hansen has been doctoring the temperature data between the late 1970s and the late 1990s and eventually reconstructing a new “Hockey Stick” graph to support his global warming legerdemain.

UN-IPCC has been relying on NASA-GISS climate data and it may be construed that IPCC reports are base on Hansen’s doctored data such as the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph. How will they remedy the over-expensive global warming programs IPCC are imposing in all government of the world? Actually, the world is now experiencing economic hardship and recession as a result of restriction on fossil fuel oil usage –major car makers stopped producing heavy cars resulting to job cuts and the shifting to planting biofuel crops resulting to reduced planting area for staple food crops and food shortage in the third world countries.

This global warming deception should be corrected immediately or humans are doomed to extinction due human’s misdeeds.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Methane and Nitrogen Triflouride: The Greenhouse Ghosts

(Note: Previously published at Pinoy Barking Hall)

Man-made greenhouse is the big haunted house that scares its creator. Greenhouse for gardening system was built to confuse and then evolve to greenhouse effect to keep humans in its unending worries of existence. Although the terms “greenhouse” and “greenhouse effect” operate on different mechanism, it has a similar function of heat trapping through infrared absorbing gases. And with the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere, it keep hounding humans instead of providing a life-giving shield to all living things.

We have been warned of the hazards of man-made carbon dioxide emission as a component of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The proponents of man-made global warming were able to infuse in the minds of horrified populace that unhampered carbon dioxide emission is the main cause of warming they themselves had created. However, sensing that carbon dioxide emission will not forever hold as the causative effect of the concocted global warming hypothesis, the alarmist are now looking for scapegoats to lay the blame and to sustain their warming scare.

Methane and Nitrogen Triflouride are being eyed as the next man-made global warming culprits. Both are greenhouse gases with global warming potential (GWP) much greater than carbon dioxide. Methane has a GWP of 23 when compared to carbon over a 100 year period while Nitrogen Triflouride has a GWP of 17,200 more times greater than CO2 which has only 1 GWP. However, carbon dioxide remains an important gas in view of its higher level of presence and growth in the atmosphere. As more and more scientists have been doubting and challenging the anthropogenic global warming brought about by the increase CO2 emission, it is just appropriate for the advocates of carbon trading to lay another card. And they may be banking on the release of a research of Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UC San Diego which will be published Oct. 31 in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Solar Panel, the provider of clean source of energy from the sun, is now being targeted as the next contaminant emitting more nitrogen triflouride in the atmosphere after painting mud and nearly demolishing the source of fossil fuel oil. It is worthwhile to mention that the said gas is used for cleaning in the manufacture of liquid crystal display of television and computer monitors and for the thin-film solar panels. According to the research, ”Nitrogen trifluoride levels in the air — measured in parts per trillion — have quadrupled in the last decade and increased 30-fold since 1978.” And in as much as it is one of the more potent gases, thousands of times stronger at trapping heat than carbon dioxide, Solar Panel, as wattsupwiththat put it, will be for naught. “There’s a new boogeyman in the world of global warming: Nitrogen Trifluoride.” With the rising popularity of Solar Panel, others will take advantage and envious to pull it down unless given a share –a slice of the pie.

Not to be ignored is the information that may be obtained from about Methane. The more potent gas than CO2, it is being considered as the future worry for global warming. The same research put the levels of methane gas in the atmosphere as higher than normal. This natural gas which is formed when organic matter decayed under water in marshes, swamps, and in the shallow waters of Arctic Ocean is the subject of investigation of the proponent of global warming. With the assumptions that billions of tons of methane were laid frozen in permafrost wetlands and in the ocean floor, worse warming will be a serious concern when freed as the Arctic begins to warm.

But what about water vapor? No mention has ever made with water vapors which are abundantly crowding the atmosphere. It is the major component of what they called “greenhouse gases.” If the above-mentioned gases are really the great contributor of global warming, what more of water vapor that absorbed more heat and deflect the infrared radiation back to earth to sustain life.

But these are all suppositions and conjectures, a crumbled hypothesis of man-made global warming advocacy. Human has the propensity to adapt with the natural environment of the Earth. And as the nature is always here to guide us, shall we always be haunted by greenhouse ghosts?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lack of Sunspot Denotes Cooling

The absence of sunspot and solar flare are the characteristics of a silent sun. This is the solar cycle where the sun’s irradiance is in its minimum stage. And whenever the sun is in silent or blankest period, it cannot be prevented to come to mind the reminiscence of freezing Earth.

Sunspot is the dark patches on the surface of the sun. It appears every eleven years and reaches its peak appearance during the “solar maximum” period. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) put into space a mission satellite called “solar max” whose main objective is to investigate the violent solar eruption on the sun’s surface. In one of its spectacular observation –during the solar maximum year of August 1979 to February 1981- solar flares and sunspot collided and exploded as often as every one or two hours and lasted for days until it slowly disappeared. The violent collision of solar flares and sunspots, which carry particles of enormous energy, caused the changes in the atmosphere that sent disruption of radio signal, telephone lines, and burnt power systems. The massive energy, as NASA estimated, was equal to 10 trillion megatons bomb as a result of the collision of its magnetic forces. The solar heat energy reached the “temperature of more than 100 million degrees Fahrenheit.”

This gigantic energy which bombarded the earth every 11 year cycles are often downgraded by the alarmists and sponsors of man-made global warming. They contended that its heating effect are negligible as shown by their demeaned and faltering computer model that made the “hockey-stick” graph joke to suit their plan. They contested the power of the sun which steadily generates “800 trillion kilowatts” heat energy which are provided to our earth to sustain life.

It should be noted that the absence of sunspot and solar flare made the sun less active. As what have happened a few centuries ago, during the Maunder Minimum, the disappearance of sunspot and flare made the earth almost frozen in hibernation. This was what is termed as the “Little Ice Age.” And this happened in the 17th century what was also termed as the “Industrial Revolution” wherein human generated more carbon dioxide emission to support its machine aided global expansion, yet the Earth experienced frigidity. But still there is contention that even the Little Ice Age cannot counter the global warming concocted by IPCC through NASA-GISS of an increase of 2 to 12 deg. F by the year 2100. This means that what the Earth have had experienced during the Maunder Minimum will be dwarfed and countered by the planned global warming cheat of IPCC through their manipulated computer model. But the truth is that no one can claim to understand the ever changing climate of the earth without being challenged. And the only undisputable fact is that all heat energy originates from the sun.

Going back to sun patches and flare syndrome, only recently NASA announced that year 2008 is the silent and blankest sun in the current half century although they presumed that the sun entered solar cycle 24 due to appearance of sunspot sometime in January this year. But the delayed cycle 24 may result to an extended cooling period. Year 2008 is supposed to be on the gradual shift to the stage of active sun in solar cycle 24 and all predictions of solar flares and sunspots appearance seemed to fail –still no one can explain the delayed phenomenon. New Computer model –the Predictive Flux-Transport Dynamo model developed by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research- that predicted solar maximum or intense solar storm on the early part of 2008 cannot explain either.

The Sun always dictates the activities of our Earth. It provides the necessities for subsistence of living things. Humans are tiny creatures and cannot be presumed to warm our earth with our misdeeds as the sun does. Earth will not explode through abuses from internal means. It has the natural protection to parry internal threat. It will necessitate external force to change its course. Changes in energy output of the sun, even in a fraction of a per cent, will affect the tiny balance of life and death.

Friday, September 26, 2008

AGW and NASA Preacher in Manila

The coming of James Hansen’s disciple in the Philippines will contribute further to the local’s mistaken notion of global warming made by man. More complicated environment programs of the government will be instituted. Fossil based fuel energy will be more regulated in compliance with the UN-Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) carbon emission requirements. And the third world populace will be dumped deeper in its present predicament of hunger and poverty.

This is my assessment with the advices being considered by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Dr. Josefino Cosimo, the balikbayan (returnee) scientist from National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) is being consulted by DENR in its environmental projects. He is heading the project funded by the Philippines Atmospherics and Geophysical Administration in monitoring the climate change and current weather patterns based in UP Los Banos, Laguna.

With the participation of Dr. Cosimo, it is expected that a number of environmental projects and climate change related programs of government will be subjected to IPCC global warming guidelines. It might not be pleasing to note that the programs and guidelines being instituted by IPCC are being challenged now by scientists previously connected with IPCC. The American Physical Society (APS), an organization of more or least 50,000 physicists, has changed its stand on climate change and is now proclaiming disbelief of its members in anthropogenic global warming and is now inviting scientific participants in an on-going debate. Let me quote the following statement of APS: “With this issue of Physics & Society, we kick off a debate concerning one of the main conclusions of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN body which, together with Al Gore, recently won the Nobel Prize for its work concerning climate change research. There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for the global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution.” With this stance of a high credibility scientific organization like APS, the line of information that may be conveyed by Dr. Cosimo to DENR may sound implausible. It may be mentioned that Dr. Cosimo published a report of satellite images of the Arctic Sea Ice covering a 22-year period showing the increase of sea ice melting. In an article “John McLean on NASA’s Arctic Melting release,” the following are extracted:

“In a widely reported study (see references below), NASA's Josefino Cosimo and others have claimed that winter sea ice is melting faster than before and that "perennial" (i.e. long term) sea ice is declined 14% "between 2004 and 2005" (to quote the BBC report).Those claims look dubious at best and certainly deceptive.
At "The Cryosphere Today" ( we can obtain graphs of the last 12 months of sea ice extent and of long term seasonal averages. The graph of the last 12 months is very interesting because right now the sea ice extent is very close to the 1979-2000 average and not dramatically less as Cosimo's paper might imply.”

Clearly his report is being challenged and questions are being raised as to the true state of ice melting. It was further contested that:


“Winter sea ice has generally been in decline since 1953 but increased from 1996 to 1998. In recent years it has declined again but not as far as in 1996. There is no appreciable decline in winter sea ice in the last 10 years. In 2005 Spring sea ice was greater than in 2004 but the Winter sea ice was less, so it melted more slowly, not 10 to 15 times faster as Cosimo claims.”

With the foregoing report it may be construed that the lines and thinking of Hansen in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre are being followed by Dr. Cosimo and it is directed towards the planned man-made global warming program created with Al Gore –who is now savouring the fruits of “carbon offset” commerce- as partner. NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies is headed by Dr. James Hansen who monitors NASA’s climate statements and he is number one in issuing “scare factor” statements predicting climate change with fear and catastrophic effect. He specialized in predicting climate based on computer model and made a flawed prediction in 1971 that the world will experience a severe global cooling and now he is in global warming. Hansen and Al Gore are the prominent personalities that led the formation of UN-IPCC in Villach, Austria, in 1986 –the first World Climate Conference was organized by the World Meteorological Organization in 1979 and in 1985 by UNEP, WMO, and ICSU.

With this short background of Hansen which is being expounded by Cosimo in climate monitoring in the Philippines, it is not surprising that we are kowtowing in an extremely submissive way to please these global warming planners. And we are being counted as victim of man-made global warming hoax.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lehman Bros: Biggest Bank Victim of Global Warming Swindle

None will gain forever from a swindler. The man-made global warming swindle hauled its biggest victim in Lehman’s bank bankruptcy.

Lehman’s operation leaning heavily from global warming’s carbon trading investment and making James Hansen, the man-made global warming conspirator, as its climate adviser have failed. They depend too much on anthropogenic global warming, predicting hundred to thousand years of climate temperature rise but fall down in its long term existence.

Majority of their long term investments have bogged down and was construed to be directly connected with the risk of carbon trading. Please read my source in “Lehman Brothers Close Ties to Gore, Hansen and Carbon Trading” which states the following:

“Al Gore’s carbon trading business GIM was banked with Lehman Bros. It will be interesting to see how this will play in the future but I suspect that this increases the risk of participating in Carbon trading. Merrill Lynch, was also deeply involved in this business.
Last year Lehman Brothers released a long and highly publicized report about climate change in which they preached about decarbonization, trying to make their investors keep getting high profits from the Kyoto carbon trade scheme and the support of huge public subventions. All that, of course, with the applause of the usual choir of politicians, the entire media and the Greens.”

Lehman Brothers is well-established but their association with global warming schemes proved fruitless. It was managed by big-named economist and well-financed groups, but their connections ended on a devastating consequences. Read the same story from above-mentioned article as follows:

“But the story has some connections with Hansen being the ‘scientific’ adviser to Al Gore, who’s the Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for Climate Protection. As seen in Alliance’s website, the managing Director is none less than: Theodore Roosevelt IV. Managing Director, Lehman Brothers, Chair of the Pew Center for Global Climate Change.

Theodore Roosevelt IV is Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and a member of the Firm’s senior client coverage group, which oversees the Firms client and customer relationships. Mr. Roosevelt is an active conservationist. He is Chair of the Pew Center for Global Climate Change, Vice Chair of the Wilderness Society, and a Trustee for the American Museum of Natural History, The World Resources Institute, the Institute for Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming, and a Trustee of Trout Unlimited."

It is not only the ordinary people, I thought before, will be directly affected by the onslaught of catastrophic man-made global warming hoax. But it landed directly on its creators’ head! He! He! He!...

Leaving In The Climate Of Fear

(Editor's note: Published earlier at Pinoy Barking Hall for wider exposure.)

Fear monger is still the best way to convince people. It is always associated with the man-made global warming alarmist to instil the scenario of doom to force their campaign for carbon trading and related industries. This is an ordinary sales strategy that creates human sense of duty before asking why.

And this is the trademark of professionals connected with James Hansin, Chief of Goddard Institute of Space Studies (NASA’s primary climate monitoring agency), specialising in the climate of fear and scare factor and responsible in predicting climate catastrophe. One of his Filipina disciple, NASA physicist Josefina Cosimo, is studying the effects of man-made global warming in the Philippines. She is working on a climate project that will be funded by the Philippine government. She has issued a warning in a conference of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration with Hansen’s standard that “sea levels could rise 23 feet and high ocean temperatures could deplete fish stocks and several species of plants and animals.” She further added that “the Philippines is among countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.” With this scenario of fear, she has caught the attention of Malacanang –the country’s main set of power- which, however, branded her warning as a “doomsday scenario” that will lead to the flooding of Manila City and destruction of aquatic resources.

Climate of fear was started by Hansen in 1970 and was given prominence in 1980 when he submitted a report “announcing that the planet was getting noticeably warmer and ‘for the first time the greenhouse effect made page one of the New York Times’.” This led further to the formation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Villach, Austria, with the participation of then US vice president Al Gore, author of “The Inconvenient Truth.” With their partnership, they developed a well-planned man-made global warming by tuning climate temperature records, i.e. “hockey stick” suited to the conclusion that there indeed is man-made warming through carbon dioxide fossil fuel emission. The “hockey stick” graph was extensively used by IPCC in its sponsored global warming guidelines but was found erroneous by McIntyre-McKitrick in the examination of proxy data used in the temperature estimate from 1400 to 1980. They concluded that the said graph contains “four categories of error: collation errors, unjustified truncation and extrapolation, use of obsolete data, and calculation mistakes. Correcting for these error, they found that temperature for the early 15th century was actually higher than the 20th century.” And Hansen was dumb-muted with these findings.

Hansen even predicted that “signs of man-made climate change would not be detectable until around 2000.” But to date global cooling is instead being felt as manifested by the delayed solar cycle 24. The less activity of the sun, as no sunspot and solar flare are noticeable per NASA records, solar physicists are one in stating that everytime the sun is spotless, the colder the earth will experience.

With the same climate of fear warning the Filipina physicist is expounding , inspite of the fact that US, China, and India were neglecting, where will the third-world countries would be in their understanding of man-made global warming. Their failure to challenge the onslaught of a highly profitable carbon trading and the high price of switching to other renewable source of energy will dump them deeper into the quagmire of hunger and poverty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Global Warming Excuses Vandals

What if the court rules in favor of the wrong doers? What if the crime was done to stop the victim from preventing the sun to shine? And the criminal is freed after doing you harm. This is the verdict of the UK court that cleared the group of Greenpeace leftists of criminal damages they have inflicted to a power station.

The UK Maidstone Crown Court set free six people connected with the communist environmentalist vandals who stopped the operation of Kingsnorth coal-fired power station and painted the plant’s chimney with the group’s slogan. They have entered the premises disregarding the trespassing law and have caused the power station $60,000 damages to property. The vandals’ argument is that their actions were made to save lives and protecting property that may be damaged by global warming. And the court ruled in their favor citing that "threat of global warming justifies breaking the law.” The strategy of defense on the basis of “lawful excuse” worked with the UK court where Her Majesty’s government have allowed environmentalist groups free restraint to campaign against coal and oil on energy industry.

The court based its judgment on the smoke and not on where the fire is. Such reasoning devoid of fact but based on speculations and hypothesis which are not sure to happen was admitted in the UK court. And the culprits will be free to sow terror and havocs on property –leading to the downfall of connected industries- just for the “lawful excuse” that there will be global warming a decade or centuries from now! Man-made global warming is an ongoing subject of debate and only the interested party are forcing the governments to make it compulsory guidelines. US, India, and China do not approve of the global warming hoax and this UK court freed the vandals in view of global warming legerdemain! They are creating an obnoxious precedence leading the bridge to nowhere. I am not a lawyer but a common man or even the learned individual may take a hard time to be convinced that this is a lawful judgement.

Read my source

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man-Made Global Warming Concoction Being Refrigerated

The man-made global warming bridge leading to carbon trading is now going to nowhere. Sign of freezing and cooling are being exhibited and felt by this generation so glaringly that keen observer of climate change cannot deny but chilled with approbation. You do not have to show facts. It is actually what is being felt and undeniably being observed.

Global warming cycle, based from the observation of the World Meteorological Organization –which organized the first World Climate Conference in 1979 leading to the establishment of UN-IPCC- had already ended in the year 2000 and that “satellite data indicate that a period of global cooling may have begun in 2005” said Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics at Mexico’s National Autonomous University. It was further revealed that the first half of 2008 was the coolest ( in the last five years which means since 2002. While geologist Don J. Easterbrook, a professor emeritus at Western Washington University, stated that the global warming that has taken place during the past 30 years is over. This only means that global warming is a natural cycle; that there is no crisis of natural calamity; and that humans need not have to fear of.

Archaeologies are often the source of dissecting facts and its correlation with climate change are the basis of conclusions in establishing the records of climate history. Recently, Yahoo News reports archaeologists have found several objects they say date back to about 4,000 BC about 9,000 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps. further cited that:

“So far, 300 objects dating as far back as the Neolithic or New Stone Age -- about 4,000 BC in Europe -- to the later Bronze and Iron Ages and the Medieval era have been found in the site's former icefields.”
"We know that people were only able to walk on this site when it was relatively warm," said Martin Grosjean, executive director of a national network called Swiss Climate Research. "When it was too cold, the glacier advanced and it was not a passable route."
“Scientists have long known there were periods of warmer weather in the region but the artefacts allowed them to identify the exact years, when the site would have been passable on foot.”

With these findings of archaeologists, the global warming that happened before was not a man-made cause and purely one of natural phenomena.

To further debunk the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming, new facts were unearthed by groups of scientists on an expedition which include Dr Howard Falcon-Lang of the University of Bristol. “Six petrified forests, dating from 303.9 million to 309 million years ago, have been discovered in coalmines in the United States. Because they straddle a period of intense global warming researchers have been able to see the effects of climate change on an ancient landscape.” has more of these findings and ancient global warming will further educate humans of the earth’s natural phenomena of warming and cooling cycles.

One which angered more the communist green movement is the British Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, which further “discounted the arguments that global warming is man-made and said instead that the phenomenon is a naturally occurring event.” elucidated more on this that includes “The tactic used by the ‘green gang’ is to label anyone who dares disagree with their view of climate change as some kind of nutcase who denies scientific fact.”

And the most recent global warming skeptic who shelves climate change concoction to her freezer is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, an American vice presidential candidate. The, in an article entitled “Sarah Palin Mocks Global Warming: ‘It’s friggen frigid where I live!” wrote as follows:

“The Govfrigidaire of the frigid frontier of Alaska questioned the science of people like Al Gore and the prohets of global warming. Palin told the spoof.onthe rocks that she didn't know what it was like in other parts of the southern 48 but in her neck of the woods :" It's fucken frigid! It's so cold here that people warm up top a witch's tit. It's so cold here that Hillary's would be considered hot! It's so cold here that Condoleezza Rice is the name of a spicy dish!
"But seriously folks, It's so cold in Alaska that we wanted to build a bridge to nowhere because no where had to be warmer than this icebox. It's so cold here that teens don't set out to have unprotected sex but the lubricated latex condoms turn to icicles. seriously, they are really just trying to get warm..."

Almost always the north and south poles are being made reference of climate change observation disregarding the areas along the equator which are susceptible from the direct hit of the solar rays from the sun. If there are Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves that were reported to be tearing off due to the warm current of the ocean seas, there are also portions other than the polar icecaps that ice are building up such as the peak of mountain tops. While Greenland is now being habituated by the Vikings, Sahara desert are now greening, and ice begun to fall in Bagdad. The works of nature are too complicated and humans kept on speculating of the cause and effect. They tend to build a theory base on speculations and proofs are hard or do not exist. Nature’s cycle length sometimes spans thousands of years and records of existence sometime do not or take thousands of years to be revealed. And everyone kept on arguing and debating to prove his is right.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Cannot Hate Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the basic requirement of plant’s photosynthesis and bears fruit. Without it vegetarians and other living things will have no food to eat and will perish on earth. If you mitigate the emission of carbon dioxide you also lessen the presence of oxygen, the life-giving element of mankind. Making carbon dioxide as the culprit in man-made global warming is a faulty supposition. The presence of carbon in our earth is only minimal compared to oxygen, silicon, and other chemical elements. We cannot get other supply from outer space. These are only available and provided in our earth for the sustenance of life.

Carbon, in its entirety, is inherent in our earth and is not coming from any other planet source. It only combines with other element to form a compound and it will not increase so as to cause global warming –and if it does, earth should have been a frying pan ever since. When carbon is heated in the air it combines with oxygen to form CO2 compound element and is also continuously dissolves in water. The disintegrated carbon goes back on the earth’s surface and oxygen back in its origin in what we called air. When the earth is warm or there is heating, carbon dioxide float in the atmosphere and when it is cold it goes back in the earth’s surface as it is 1.5 times heavier than the air. And these cycles of carbon-changing-form were maintained to support life on earth. It may be mentioned that carbon is only 0.027 percent of all the chemical elements in the earth’s crust –as we learned in our college chemistry- and oxygen is almost 50 percent. If we limit CO2 presence in the atmosphere where human is a part, where will we be?

Observations and conclusions of global warming assumptions are always conducted in the periphery of the North Pole and the Arctic icecap. Another observation is the settlement of Greenland –it was in 800 A.D. that the Vikings began settlement of Greenland (About.Com). “Radiocarbon dating of their remains revealed that they died out suddenly when these conditions ceased to prevail around 1350” and their remains were found in a small room together with farm animals for warming confinement. This observation is made by the man-made warming proponents to emphasize the occurrence of global warming and as a proof that earth did really warms. However, year 1400 to 1800 were said to be the period when the “Little Ice Age” occurred and it was only in the 19th century that the groups of Inuits from Baffin Island began to settle in Greenland (Qaanaaq’s History) and this only shows that earth had warmed before as a natural cycle of warming and cooling. It has been said that the year 1700 is the period of Industrial Revolution that carbon dioxide concentration rose to 20% from pre-industrial level of 278 parts per million to 550 ppm in the mid-20th century according to IPCC report of 2007 and the absolute temperature increased by 7 deg. C. However, it was also the period when the “Little Ice Age” occurred in spite of the said increased in carbon dioxide concentration and brought down the temperature to a freezing point, so the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming will not hold.

I cannot hate carbon dioxide and attribute it to global warming hoax. If ever there is an increasing climate temperature, it is the sun that continually warms the earth to support life. The earth will be freezing cold if not for the solar radiation from the sun. The actual condition of the North and the South Pole being covered with ice and the warm condition of earth’s equator being directly hit by the solar rays of the sun will attest to whatever situation the earth is now. The use of global warming scare is made to forcefully convince human the necessity of a trade being conceived or concocted and make it mandatory to obey with the threat of fear and alarming catastrophe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have just posted an article about the impending collapse of man-made global warming legerdemain, yet another environmental scare is looming in the science circle invaded by politicians. Another component of greenhouse gas is being readied to take the place of life sustaining carbon dioxide which was charged and found guilty by Hansen and associates on the crimes against nature.

As if this generation will not be short of scaremongering supply, the “Oxygen Crisis” is now being concocted as the latest alarming scare threatening the existence of living things. Peter Tatchell of The Guardian expounded the viewpoint and implications of the book “The Oxygen Crisis” which is still being drafted and in the imaginative mind of the author. Quoted hereunder are parts of Tatchell’s words:

“The rise in carbon dioxide emissions is big news. It is prompting action to reverse global warming. But little or no attention is being paid to the long-term fall in oxygen concentrations and its knock-on effects.
Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health. Indeed, it could ultimately threaten the survival of human life on earth, according to Roddy Newman, who is drafting a new book, The Oxygen Crisis.”

Soon, the yet unwritten book will bear the stamp of “imprimatur” and the new United Nations-Intergovernmental Panel on Oxygen Crisis (UN-IPOC) –from Greenie Watch- will certify it as “peer reviewed and undergone a scientific consensus.” For now, big time sponsors are being contacted. Also, they are eying another politician to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for scientific achievements.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Man-Made Global Warming Cooking is Cooling

The tower of “Man-Made Global Warming” is now in an impending collapse. A number of unaccounted weights have been overloading the “sound structure” built in a soft and unpiled foundation. The subsequent manifestations cannot be denied as a sign of eroding beliefs in global warming legerdemain.

Assemblyman Michael Doherty of the State of New Jersey has hit the nail right on its head when he called for the cancellation of non-sense and damaging regulations associated with global warming scam. He deserves an all-out support when he openly declared his opposition to a concocted man-made-global-warming-fiction. Politicians are scared in going against the avalanche of people threatened of a climate holocaust as it will cause their own political disaster. But Assemblyman Doherty, in an unprecedented move stated in a press release which reads as follow:
“Responding to various new scientific reports questioning the concept of global warming, Assemblyman Michael Doherty today called on Governor Corzine to hold off on proposing any new regulations associated with the state's Global Warming Response Act and urged the Legislature to repeal that act when it returns to legislative business after Labor Day.
"There are many credible members of the scientific community who have questioned the theory of global warming, and now we have some scientists actually suggesting the earth's temperatures may be entering a period of dramatic cooling," said Doherty, R-Warren and Hunterdon. "With this growing level of scientific uncertainty, it makes no sense to enact a new set of economically damaging regulations prompted by the global warming hysteria of recent years."

As I have mentioned in my previous article,
The Imminent Changing Climate, the same is happening with the American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, which are now loosening their attachment to global warming science fiction. The following statement from APS will further attest the soundness of my assessment:
“In a posting to the APS forum, editor Jeffrey Marque explains,”There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution.”
“The APS is opening its debate with the publication of a paper by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, which concludes that climate sensitivity — the rate of temperature change a given amount of greenhouse gas will cause — has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling. A low sensitivity implies additional atmospheric CO2 will have little effect on global climate.”

The foregoing rectifications are not only signs of cooling in the overheating beliefs of global warming hoax sanctioned and sponsored by no other than the United Nations –it has been instrumental in luring and requiring the international community of nations to adhere in this false concept in the guise of environmental protection.

Scientific hypothesis or provisional conjecture will not stand to international scrutiny who feels the actual results supported by learned and uncorrupted society.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Global Warming Means Money

Shifting from fossil fuel source of energy to alternative source of energy means trillions of dollar investment. One can do this by citing the disadvantages of the present energy source and its ill effects to the extent of catastrophic scare of annihilating the human beings. This is what the proponents of anthropogenic global warming are advocating -forcing people to believe with the help of United Nations, wealthy capitalists, and the leftist-environmentalists or even trading their souls in exchange of power and wealth.

Global warming is a natural phenomenon dictated by the Sun and humans have learned to adopt eversince. Sun causes the climate of the Earth to change as well as all the solar planets of the universe. It is warmest in Mercury because it’s nearest to the Sun and Pluto is coldest because it’s farthest from the Sun. It is as simple as that than to invoke other laws of nature or of thermodynamics or the insane joke that humans are warming the Earth. And there are scientists who permit themselves to be used and bribed for the sake of money and greed. And there are people who allow themselves to be fed by lies and never bothered to ask why?

Scientists cannot account for the radiative forcing or solar heat absorb by earth and the earth’s albedo or the heat reflected or radiated back to space in a certain period yet alarmists are quick to declare there is increased global warming than the regular one the earth is experiencing. How can you say there is unusual warming when the ice is depleting on the North Pole but accumulating on the South Pole.

There is no harm of shifting to other source of renewable and clean energy but no need of forcing people what the alarmist wanted it to be. By nature or by necessity people will opt to other source of energy, particularly, when the scarcity of the cheap source is at hand. Human by nature can adopt to its environment and may evolve to a higher level of imunity.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Man-Made Climate Change: The Advertising Company Cliche's

I came across a certain fund enterprise and an inert interest suddenly doused my unconscious mind. False and misleading claims are being used in the advertisements of some companies to promote their products. This enterprising investment firm invited the attention of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to warn such companies for the sake of would-be investors which maybe lured to invest in a company with the pretext that it adhered to man-made global warming concoction.

Several companies in the US launched advertising campaigns making reference the contested assumptions of UN-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its planned agenda to impose restrictions and mitigation of carbon dioxide emission. The Free Enterprise Action Fund (Ticker: FEAOX) who petitioned the SEC to advise the publicly-owned companies from using misleading claims mentioned the following registrants and its respective campaign clich├ęs:

1. Exelon Corp. issued a media release and placed full-page advertisements in major newspapers on July 15, 2008 stating, "The science is overwhelming -- climate change is happening now and human activity is the primary cause."
2. Lehman Brothers issued a report on climate change featuring the so-called "hockey stick" graph to support the notion that humans are causing global warming.
3. The General Electric Company issued a "Call for Action" to "slow, stop and even reverse the damage of greenhouse gasses."
4. Toyota Motor Corp states in a report, "When we drive a vehicle, it consumes fossil fuels and emits CO2, a major contributor to climate change."
5. Goldman Sachs states in a 2007 report, "By now, the dynamics of global warming are widely known, and we find no reason to dispute the scientific assumptions..."
6. Caterpillar said in a public statement that, "We must take action now [to reduce carbon dioxide emissions] or risk serious harm to our planet."

The said mutual fund cited as its reference the global warming debate being sponsored by Forum of Physics and Society, American Physical Society –representing over 50,000 physicists- which strengthened their claim of the fallacy of man-made climate change. It is worthwhile to be informed of the implication of this petition in the near future considering the involvement the giant companies.

I was made to understand that these companies have succumbed to the threat of anti-business movement operating under the guise of adherence to "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) and "Socially Responsible Investing" (SRI). These social activists strive within the corporate management and steered the businesses toward the direction of “the new politics of capital.” They managed to embed and engaged as socially-embraced-group with the environmental and green movement and influence the United Nations in the purview of its advocacy to the ‘new world order.’

I subscribe to the system of free enterprise and hate to buy the cheap chains of poverty and slavery.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Global Warming Debate: Is it Warming or Cooling?

Global warming debate is not over. More and more prominent scientists are making their stand and have been very vocal now in issuing staunch comments that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AWG) is a misleading notion. The current climate situation, viewed from space observatory station and sending signals of climate trends, are tending to prove that there is no noticeable warming in the past decade but a cooling trend instead.

There are scientists who are still members of UN-IPCC and are now vocally criticizing the AWG “consensus” that the panel had stamped in their report. These scientists who were silenced and harassed during the preparation, deliberations, and conclusion of IPCC reports; can no longer hold their conscience in giving consent on the outright corruption and maltreatment of the sanctity of scientific data that they are beholden to protect. They are now on the rise and have become the knights in a shining armor ready to parry the thrust of AGW alarmists in the field of internet‘s Armageddon.

Dr. Richard Evans or David Evans –whichever is the real one- was a consultant to the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005 and he wrote the carbon accounting model (FullCAM) that measures Australia's compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, according to QRZ Forums, dtd. 7-23-08. Now, he has changed his mind with what he believes on man-made global warming. Way back in 1999, he hurriedly jumped to the conclusion that the earth was really warming and that they need to “act quickly” to save the planet and because of the remunerations the government was providing for science research. By 2007, he concluded that: “New evidence has seriously weakened the case that carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming … that carbon played only a minor role…”

Another debunking statement was made by a New Zealand-based climate scientist who reviews the draft report of IPCC since its formation in 1990. He is Dr. Vincent Gray who even shared the Nobel Prize award of IPCC. He has a doctorate degree in Chemistry from Cambridge University and has undertaken a long research works in UK, France, Canada, and China. He has been an”Expert Reviewer” for IPCC science reports and claimed that “all the science of IPCC is unsound.” According to Dr. Gray, in an interview with Glo Warming Skeptics on August 24,2007, IPCC report is the most “dishonest one” for they have unreliable weather forecasts that cannot be checked whether right or wrong and are “worthless l00% of the time.”

The most prominent and perhaps the most controversial is the French Geochemist and Geophysicist Claude Allegre. From the article of, “Allegre is a member of both the French and the United States National Academy of Sciences. As a longtime friend of prime minister Lionel Jospin. Claude was able to secure a position as Minister of Education and Research in the former Socialist government of France and continues to play an active role within the Socialist party.” He is an expert in atmospheric chemistry and won many awards in geochemistry. He was the first to campaign for support to global warming caused by man through the burning of fossil fuels in the eighties then switched to skeptics twenty years later. His writings on retreating snow cap on Mt. Kilimanjaro and the increasing ice in the Antarctica led him to change his mind and called the alarmists as the “prophet of dooms” and the “helpless protesting has become a very lucrative business. “ This sent signals in the “National Post, Fox News, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, on CNN’s Larry King Live by Senator Inhofe.” And being a scientist and politician as well, he was able to mix the issue of global warming, nuclear energy, and fossil fuel industry beneficial on his part. Wikipedia can only brand him as “Allegre, who is not a climatologist, thinks that the causes of climate change are unknown.”

There is another one, an award-winning Doctor of Industrial Chemistry and lecturer of Environmental Metrology, Dr. Kiminori Itoh. He is a Japanese national and a top UN-IPCC Scientist who is an expert reviewer of IPCC reports and author of a book “Lies and Traps in Global Warming Affairs” according to Prison Planet Forum. From the weblog of Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke, Dr. Itoh called the global warming fears as the: “worst scientific scandal in history.”

It is worthwhile to mention the likes of the following scientists: Ivar Glaever, a recent winner of a Nobel Prize for Physics, who declared “I am a sceptic, we don’t really know what the actual effect on the climate is”; Dr. Craig Loehle, US National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, who said that the “tree rings” are unreliable means of determining temperatures in the past years; Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, who questioned that the “Climate Sensitivity” has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling; James Taylor, a Senior Fellow for Environmental Policy at the Heartland Institute, commented that: "We're not in any kind of an unusual warming period and we can continue warming at the current extent, even if it humans are causing it, for several centuries and still be cooler than conditions that have existed for the last ten-thousand years;” Jeffrey Marque, forum editor of the American Physical Society, who is now inviting and sponsoring public debate in its Physics and Society Forum that is related to global warming; and the 31,000 other scientists, including physicist Professor Freeman Dyson, atmospheric physicist Professor Richard Lindzen and climate scientist Prof Fred Singer, they all led in the issuance of a joint letter warning the governments not to be cajoled on the global warming legerdemain.

With the unfolding reality of nature and the beaming solar rays of the sun, we cannot escape the fact that it is the sun that dictates the changing climate of the universe. Granting that the greenhouse gases –which are presumed to exist in the confined medium in the atmosphere-, contribute to warming the earth, it should be water vapor and not carbon dioxide as the causative factor. Co2 is the result of heating and burning, why would it precede the warming climate?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking For You, Mother Nature!

(Editor’s note: Previously published at Pinoy Barking Hall, republished here as a theme related post.)

Global warming, environmental degradation, erosions of polar ice cap, carbon dioxide emission, greenhouse gases blockade, rising sea level, catastrophe, holocaust, or even doomsday are issues for greater understanding and awareness.

What measures are to be adopted to avert universal problems and …extinction?

Oh, no! On this part of our globe, we village people are just looking for Mother Nature who always cares, as we also care for. But time has changed, .. . And where are you now Mother Nature? We are watching out and searching beyond the horizon as we whisper words of hope . . . that you are back!

Oh! Mother Nature, where have you been? We looked for you in the woods where denuded forest stared us; we looked for you in the rivers where rusty-brown mud and faulty smell engulfed us; we looked for you in the vast terrain where fossil grass and desert fumes hounded us; we looked for you in the caves and waterfalls where vandals prevented us; we looked for you in the mountains where deforestations and wildfires suffocated us; and we looked for you in the oceans and coral reefs where jellyfishes abound and swarmed us due to climate change.

We found you in our village accessible by foot, where: no engine roaring to blast your ear; no smoke-belching factory to bloat your lungs; no man-made chemicals to deform your hair or irritate your skin; and no welding rod to make you blind.

Backed in the city, we looked for you: we saw the metro beach full of plastics, whereas in our village beach, it is full of fish; we raised our heads up high, we saw the sky full of smudges and confetti, whereas in our village it is full of birds; and when the night comes, the city is full of pyrotechnics, in our village it is full of fireflies.

Oh Mother Nature! It is looking for you, why we are going back. . . . to the village.