Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Cannot Hate Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the basic requirement of plant’s photosynthesis and bears fruit. Without it vegetarians and other living things will have no food to eat and will perish on earth. If you mitigate the emission of carbon dioxide you also lessen the presence of oxygen, the life-giving element of mankind. Making carbon dioxide as the culprit in man-made global warming is a faulty supposition. The presence of carbon in our earth is only minimal compared to oxygen, silicon, and other chemical elements. We cannot get other supply from outer space. These are only available and provided in our earth for the sustenance of life.

Carbon, in its entirety, is inherent in our earth and is not coming from any other planet source. It only combines with other element to form a compound and it will not increase so as to cause global warming –and if it does, earth should have been a frying pan ever since. When carbon is heated in the air it combines with oxygen to form CO2 compound element and is also continuously dissolves in water. The disintegrated carbon goes back on the earth’s surface and oxygen back in its origin in what we called air. When the earth is warm or there is heating, carbon dioxide float in the atmosphere and when it is cold it goes back in the earth’s surface as it is 1.5 times heavier than the air. And these cycles of carbon-changing-form were maintained to support life on earth. It may be mentioned that carbon is only 0.027 percent of all the chemical elements in the earth’s crust –as we learned in our college chemistry- and oxygen is almost 50 percent. If we limit CO2 presence in the atmosphere where human is a part, where will we be?

Observations and conclusions of global warming assumptions are always conducted in the periphery of the North Pole and the Arctic icecap. Another observation is the settlement of Greenland –it was in 800 A.D. that the Vikings began settlement of Greenland (About.Com). “Radiocarbon dating of their remains revealed that they died out suddenly when these conditions ceased to prevail around 1350” and their remains were found in a small room together with farm animals for warming confinement. This observation is made by the man-made warming proponents to emphasize the occurrence of global warming and as a proof that earth did really warms. However, year 1400 to 1800 were said to be the period when the “Little Ice Age” occurred and it was only in the 19th century that the groups of Inuits from Baffin Island began to settle in Greenland (Qaanaaq’s History) and this only shows that earth had warmed before as a natural cycle of warming and cooling. It has been said that the year 1700 is the period of Industrial Revolution that carbon dioxide concentration rose to 20% from pre-industrial level of 278 parts per million to 550 ppm in the mid-20th century according to IPCC report of 2007 and the absolute temperature increased by 7 deg. C. However, it was also the period when the “Little Ice Age” occurred in spite of the said increased in carbon dioxide concentration and brought down the temperature to a freezing point, so the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming will not hold.

I cannot hate carbon dioxide and attribute it to global warming hoax. If ever there is an increasing climate temperature, it is the sun that continually warms the earth to support life. The earth will be freezing cold if not for the solar radiation from the sun. The actual condition of the North and the South Pole being covered with ice and the warm condition of earth’s equator being directly hit by the solar rays of the sun will attest to whatever situation the earth is now. The use of global warming scare is made to forcefully convince human the necessity of a trade being conceived or concocted and make it mandatory to obey with the threat of fear and alarming catastrophe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have just posted an article about the impending collapse of man-made global warming legerdemain, yet another environmental scare is looming in the science circle invaded by politicians. Another component of greenhouse gas is being readied to take the place of life sustaining carbon dioxide which was charged and found guilty by Hansen and associates on the crimes against nature.

As if this generation will not be short of scaremongering supply, the “Oxygen Crisis” is now being concocted as the latest alarming scare threatening the existence of living things. Peter Tatchell of The Guardian expounded the viewpoint and implications of the book “The Oxygen Crisis” which is still being drafted and in the imaginative mind of the author. Quoted hereunder are parts of Tatchell’s words:

“The rise in carbon dioxide emissions is big news. It is prompting action to reverse global warming. But little or no attention is being paid to the long-term fall in oxygen concentrations and its knock-on effects.
Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health. Indeed, it could ultimately threaten the survival of human life on earth, according to Roddy Newman, who is drafting a new book, The Oxygen Crisis.”

Soon, the yet unwritten book will bear the stamp of “imprimatur” and the new United Nations-Intergovernmental Panel on Oxygen Crisis (UN-IPOC) –from Greenie Watch- will certify it as “peer reviewed and undergone a scientific consensus.” For now, big time sponsors are being contacted. Also, they are eying another politician to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for scientific achievements.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Man-Made Global Warming Cooking is Cooling

The tower of “Man-Made Global Warming” is now in an impending collapse. A number of unaccounted weights have been overloading the “sound structure” built in a soft and unpiled foundation. The subsequent manifestations cannot be denied as a sign of eroding beliefs in global warming legerdemain.

Assemblyman Michael Doherty of the State of New Jersey has hit the nail right on its head when he called for the cancellation of non-sense and damaging regulations associated with global warming scam. He deserves an all-out support when he openly declared his opposition to a concocted man-made-global-warming-fiction. Politicians are scared in going against the avalanche of people threatened of a climate holocaust as it will cause their own political disaster. But Assemblyman Doherty, in an unprecedented move stated in a press release which reads as follow:
“Responding to various new scientific reports questioning the concept of global warming, Assemblyman Michael Doherty today called on Governor Corzine to hold off on proposing any new regulations associated with the state's Global Warming Response Act and urged the Legislature to repeal that act when it returns to legislative business after Labor Day.
"There are many credible members of the scientific community who have questioned the theory of global warming, and now we have some scientists actually suggesting the earth's temperatures may be entering a period of dramatic cooling," said Doherty, R-Warren and Hunterdon. "With this growing level of scientific uncertainty, it makes no sense to enact a new set of economically damaging regulations prompted by the global warming hysteria of recent years."

As I have mentioned in my previous article,
The Imminent Changing Climate, the same is happening with the American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, which are now loosening their attachment to global warming science fiction. The following statement from APS will further attest the soundness of my assessment:
“In a posting to the APS forum, editor Jeffrey Marque explains,”There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution.”
“The APS is opening its debate with the publication of a paper by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, which concludes that climate sensitivity — the rate of temperature change a given amount of greenhouse gas will cause — has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling. A low sensitivity implies additional atmospheric CO2 will have little effect on global climate.”

The foregoing rectifications are not only signs of cooling in the overheating beliefs of global warming hoax sanctioned and sponsored by no other than the United Nations –it has been instrumental in luring and requiring the international community of nations to adhere in this false concept in the guise of environmental protection.

Scientific hypothesis or provisional conjecture will not stand to international scrutiny who feels the actual results supported by learned and uncorrupted society.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Global Warming Means Money

Shifting from fossil fuel source of energy to alternative source of energy means trillions of dollar investment. One can do this by citing the disadvantages of the present energy source and its ill effects to the extent of catastrophic scare of annihilating the human beings. This is what the proponents of anthropogenic global warming are advocating -forcing people to believe with the help of United Nations, wealthy capitalists, and the leftist-environmentalists or even trading their souls in exchange of power and wealth.

Global warming is a natural phenomenon dictated by the Sun and humans have learned to adopt eversince. Sun causes the climate of the Earth to change as well as all the solar planets of the universe. It is warmest in Mercury because it’s nearest to the Sun and Pluto is coldest because it’s farthest from the Sun. It is as simple as that than to invoke other laws of nature or of thermodynamics or the insane joke that humans are warming the Earth. And there are scientists who permit themselves to be used and bribed for the sake of money and greed. And there are people who allow themselves to be fed by lies and never bothered to ask why?

Scientists cannot account for the radiative forcing or solar heat absorb by earth and the earth’s albedo or the heat reflected or radiated back to space in a certain period yet alarmists are quick to declare there is increased global warming than the regular one the earth is experiencing. How can you say there is unusual warming when the ice is depleting on the North Pole but accumulating on the South Pole.

There is no harm of shifting to other source of renewable and clean energy but no need of forcing people what the alarmist wanted it to be. By nature or by necessity people will opt to other source of energy, particularly, when the scarcity of the cheap source is at hand. Human by nature can adopt to its environment and may evolve to a higher level of imunity.