Monday, September 28, 2009

The Climate Needless Expenses

(Editor’s Note: This is being republished in view of the renewed campaign by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on global warming and blind adherence to man-made climate change.)

Global warming hoax has engulfed the Philippines archipelago with all its alarming fury. Clothed with the usual fear factor and the threat of deluge from rising sea level caused by hypothetical assumptive melting of the earth’s polar ice cover, the Philippine government is preparing measures to avert the imaginary catastrophe. The House of Congress is preparing climate bills for the creation of “Climate Change Commission.” President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appointed herself as climate change czar providing the sense of urgency of the catalytic situation created by the politicians of global warming.

It maybe deduced that the concerted actions are brought about by the frantic reaction to UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC) pestering requirements and compounded by the press release of the new study by the University of Washington which claimed that Antarctica, the region in the Southern Hemisphere, has been warming for the last 50 years. The release of the study was timed to counter the record chilling effect being experienced world wide and perceived as the start of the long period of new “Little Ice Age.” The study supported by the picture of melting glacier and the cracks on compacted ice cover on western portion of the Antarctic which are lined-up of active volcanoes which began erupting 2000 years ago and the newest eruption was on January 2008 as discovered by the members of the British Antarctic Survey, one of the world's leading environmental research centres and is responsible for the UK's national scientific activities in Antarctica. The picture, which was probably taken in the summer of 2008 wherein the polar icecaps are naturally thawing or disintegrating, are prominently displayed in the said press release for convincing effect. President Arroyo is reorganizing the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change with the same fear factor such as: “Climate change will have catastrophic effects it immediate and sufficient action to curb industrial emissions and forest loss is not taken ...”

I do not have hard feelings about the conservation, protection and restoration and other solid waste management programs of the government to maintain our ecological balance, but to kowtow the insinuations of anthropomorphic global warming sponsors are to satisfy and uphold their selfish desire to monopolize renewable energy source which will contribute further to the hardship being experienced by the third world countries. Environmental awareness is a duty where each and every one is obliged to be a part of. But to threat humanity of imaginary natural upheaval for the purpose of self gains is treachery and unacceptable. Although it is incumbent upon us to maintain our surroundings as environment friendly, we have to align our climate programs that are most beneficial to our locality. We do not have too much industrial emissions compared to the developed economies which need limitations and to go the way with their restrictions is to restrict the modest growth our country is painstakingly building up. There are developed economies, particularly India, China, and the United States, which do not adhere to the UN-IPCC sponsored Carbon dioxide emission control and they are not sold to the idea that man-made emission will contribute to global warming. Global warming and global cooling are natural earth’s climate cycle and humans are tiny things so as to cause any perturbation. Global warming or climate change alarmists have their own agenda for their own benefits.

Consider the following group of alarmists who conducted the study which was press released by the University of Washington (UW) insinuating that Antarctica is warming: a) Eric Steig is UW geochemist who is a member of UN-IPCC and the leading example in “censoring dissenting voices” against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and a supporter of Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth”; b) David Schnieder is of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and a student-buddy of Steig; c) Michael Mann of Pennysylvania State Univesity is the author of the discredited “Hockey Stick” temperature graph to come up with the direction of James Hansen with NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. As Dr. Tim Ball, a retired University of Manitoba climatologist said of Mr. Mann’s blunder after it was confirmed in a report to the Congress by the U.S. Academies of Science: "I personally think [Mann] should be in jail."; and d) Josefino Comiso –a Filipino Hansen’s disciple who now serves as adviser of the Philippine Weather Bureau- and Drew Shindell are both of NASA-GISS and also under the group of Hansen –the partner of Al Gore. They are the cohorts of AGW with planned interest and avidly campaigning with fear factor and doomsday scenario not for humanity sake but for the welfare of their pocket.

Let us not be misled by the global warming prophets of doom. They campaigned first against the nuclear plant proliferations for the benefits of fossil fuel, now they are advocates of nuclear fuel and other renewable sources of energy to the detriment of coal and oil fuel. We are a developing economy crawling for progress to the stage where the advanced countries have already reaped the blessings of being the first and to swallow the self-serving advice of these wealthy sponsors and our subservience to their caprice is to defeat the advocacy of fruitful sacrifices of our forebears to overcome poverty.

The creation of Climate Change Commission is an exercise in pointlessness. It is the futile reaction to non-existing climate admonition –a natural cycle human have learned to live with and developed immunity with its accompanying harsh environment. The said commission will result to unnecessary expenses, a good source of graft and corruption as what have been the suspicions with the Department of Environment, and a duplication of functions. The Chief Executive should be advised accordingly and should rather act to strengthen the existing environment protection, conservation and restoration programs already in- placed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Proof of Man-made Global Warming: Lost in Space

With the failed satellite mission costing $273 million to study global warming, another costly project was laid into waste. This is what global warming hoax had caused to global economy. This wasteful scheme against nature which is based on planned personal agenda is doomed to economic disaster instead of human reprieve and salvation.

The man-made global warming creation of modern day alchemist – who thought climate can be converted into gold coins and the greatest fraud in history- has laid havoc to global finances due to fear of suspension of use of fossil-fuel as a source of cheap energy and prescribing costly measure to operate the bunker oil and coal-fired plants. Too costly requirements have failed the economy and defeated the development of affordable energy sources. The constructions of energy producing plants have been halted due to stringent measure and strict carbon emission requirements of UN-IPCC. There were shortage of staple food productions and high food prices due to the farmers’ shift to planting of fast-cash biofuel crops as substitute or additives to fossil-fuel oils. More projects were aborted to anticipate the limitations imposed by the world body run by influential leftist group under the pretext of green environment. The overall results are the worldwide economic crisis comparable or may even worst than the 1930 global depression.

Since the crashing of the satellite geared toward the study and monitoring of carbon dioxide that enter and leave the atmosphere which was blamed for global warming, the proof of anthropogenic global warming (AWG) tale will be lost into oblivion and NASA officials led by James Hansen will continue to coax that carbon dioxide is harmful to living things because it causes global warming according to the false and self-proclaimed prophet of nature. Hansen has threatened all those who disapproved his allusion and tried to take legal action for crimes against nature all those who go against his insinuations.

For how long can this single man able to lay havoc to economy and nature with the use of fabricated record of temperature –the hockey stick graph- and improbable assumptions? AGW is not even a theory neither a hypothesis to warrant an expensive research and extravagant provision of grants. It is a calculated ploy to favor the few for assured riches. It is a false belief and the world, as a result, is being towed to its self-destructions.

They disregard the sun as the source of all energy on earth and put the blame to man as the source of global warming –the tiny being assumed to emit poison to suffocate our entire earth! This is crazy and an insult to humanity who burned his head to enjoy all the graces provided on our earth!

Enough of this global procrastination and self-centered scheme, I will support the petition to oust Hansen to avert using public funds to disgrace mankind.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Too Cold To Be Warm

San Pedro, Laguna, is now 25 deg. C colder than any month of December in my two decades stay in this suburban town closest to Metro Manila. And this is the only December –considered as dry season- in my memory when the rain fell on Christmas Day. Recorded lower temperature is regularly registered during the month of February in this tropical and maritime region of the Philippines. Cloudy fog descended in this town on January 1, the new year’s day of 2009, an unusual morning occurrence seldom observed in this time of the year.

The proof of global cooling is now being felt in this part of the globe. And it is not only in the Philippines; the MSNBC report about record levels of snowfall that just hit the Pacific Northwest; the recent December record of 45.8 inches snowfall in Green Bay as reported in the Green Bay Press Gazette; the recent December record of 45 inches snowfall in Wisconsin, Madison, breaking the all month record of 37 inches in February 1994 as reported in the Wisconsin State Journal; the Alaska freezing –Alaskan Glaciers grow for first time in 250 years; the Glacier Bay National Park, Prince William Sound, the Juneau Icefield, Bering Glacier; and areas of the Arctic sea ice. These “might mark the beginning of another Little Ice Age” as one glaciologist, Bruce Molnia, who works for the US Geological Survey have said. (Read more at Icecap and The

With this global cooling, it glaringly contradicts the anthropogenic global warming being manipulated by the partners of Algore and Hansen in their “Inconvenient Truth” movie which we don’t know whether it was shot during summer where the ice are naturally melting. And this was supported by all global warming alarmists as they justify the cooling as proof of warming –either which way they are in.

Why in the world of our consciousness with our environment and our abhorrence to pollution, there are groups who take advantage of it to perpetuate fraud and enrich themselves? Why use nature, fear monger, and alarmism to cure our ills instead of reforming ourselves and remedying our misdeeds? Why let the present generation suffer the consequences of unknown facts that may be revealed centuries or thousand years from now?

We do live to serve the purpose of our presence in this universe; no one can alter its course.