Monday, November 17, 2008

The October 2008 Temperature NASA-GISS Is Doctoring

Why are the many chances that the NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) tampering of climate data being allowed to pass without even reprimanding those responsible officials? They should be made to explain why they are doing this when the world are always searching for truth. NASA-GISS is being funded by peoples’ tax and they should be made accountable. There must be congressional investigations on these irregularities to prevent people, like James Hansen, from distorting further climate record and corrupting the truth.

People are dependent on NASA-GISS for climate data and it is the source where researchers are referencing the information to arrive into a conclusive report. If data to be sourced from said space study center are full of anomalous manipulations, where can we now rely for true and uncorrupted records? If this is being done by only one man, why is he being retained in his post, why not let his head roll on his stupidity and insane thing. Why can’t we petition that Hansen be laid-off from NASA-GISS and be put inside the coal plant chimney where he helped Greenpeace activists to be freed from criminal charges in causing damages to the said Kingsnorth plant in Kent. There, he will realize the global warming concoction he has been profiting for so long a time. According to Meteorologist Art Horn from Icecap, Dr. James Hansen has been doctoring the temperature data between the late 1970s and the late 1990s and eventually reconstructing a new “Hockey Stick” graph to support his global warming legerdemain.

UN-IPCC has been relying on NASA-GISS climate data and it may be construed that IPCC reports are base on Hansen’s doctored data such as the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph. How will they remedy the over-expensive global warming programs IPCC are imposing in all government of the world? Actually, the world is now experiencing economic hardship and recession as a result of restriction on fossil fuel oil usage –major car makers stopped producing heavy cars resulting to job cuts and the shifting to planting biofuel crops resulting to reduced planting area for staple food crops and food shortage in the third world countries.

This global warming deception should be corrected immediately or humans are doomed to extinction due human’s misdeeds.

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